Riverlands Polo Introductory Clinic 14th & 15th July and 11th & 12th August 2018

Held over two days, the Riverlands Polo Introductory Clinic has been developed and refined to teach you the fundamentals of playing polo. The Clinic is considered essential for any aspiring polo player’s development. By the end of the Introductory Clinic you will have a solid foundation and be equipped for the next stage of your polo career. With our professional and world renowned coaches, we will teach you the essentials of the game and leave you with the know-how to get the most out of your game.


  • Two day clinic from 9.00 am to 1.30 pm each day

  • Pony hire 

  • Equipment, mallets and helmets included

  • Light lunch 

  • Post-clinic drink at Windsor Polo Clubhouse

Please contact us to reserve your spot. 

We are committed to being the leading polo-coaching facility in the world

Riverlands Polo coaches all levels of players ranging from people who have never sat on a horse all the way through to professional riders. Riverlands has over 15 years experience in training players, utilise some of the best coaches in the world and we use cutting edge technology to help players improve their game. Riverlands Polo has a string of 15 experienced polo ponies that are used in our clinics and are available for stick-and-ball sessions and chukkas. 

Introductory Clinics are where every player begins. These clinics run over two days and provide a comprehensive introduction to the game of polo. The clinics are considered an essential tool in any aspiring polo player’s development, and our goal by the end of the clinic is for you to have a solid foundation and prepare you for the next stages of your polo career.

Skills Development Clinics is a new initiative exclusive to Riverlands Polo. Polo is a technical sport combining horsemanship, ball skills and tactical knowledge all at once. We have categorised the core skills required to be a polo player into a series of 8 clinics that will be run continuously during the year. Our instructors can provide guidance as to which clinics to attend in order to develop one’s game. These intense two hour clinics concentrate on a specific skill set and instructors have detailed course notes and learning outcomes to achieve for each participant. 

Skills Development Clinic              

1. Basic Polo Riding                        

2. Forehand Shots                            

3. Backhand Shots                                

4. Rules and Tactics                        

5. Advanced Riding and Schooling  

6. Defensive and Attacking Plays      

7. Controlling the Ball                      

8. Umpiring    

More information on the Skills Development Clinics can be found here.                                  

Educational Chukkas. Each segment of a polo game is called a ‘chukka’ or ‘chukker’. There are anywhere from four to six chukkas in a game. We hold regular mid-week and weekend educational chukkas designed to develop players feel for the tactical element of the game and this is where players really learn why polo is sometimes called ‘chess on horseback’! Our instructors will provide feedback as to strategy, positioning and reading the play. These chukkas are a lot of fun and it allows players at all levels to play at a social level.

Price List


Private one hour lesson on our horses - $150
One hour group lesson (2 or more players) - $125 each
Wooden horse lesson - $75
Stick and ball for one hour - $100
Pony Lease Fees

Pony lease fees per academy chukka - $65
Pony lease fees per club chukka intermediate - $100
Pony lease fees per Tournament chukkas - $150

Tailored Packages

We work with every individual player to determine and help achieve their goals. Naturally, everyone will have a different prior experience, budget and time availability so it is very important we understand these factors before recommending the right package and strategy. For example, some clients enjoy the occasional 'stick and ball' on a Friday afternoon as a way to wind-down from the week, while others enjoy playing club games in a relaxed social environment while others work towards the fury and excitement of tournaments. No matter what your goals are, we will work with you to achieve them. 

If you are interested in learning to play polo, please contact us to discuss your requirements and questions. From there we will be in a position to suggest the right course of action tailored specifically just for you.  


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