Over 14 years experience in livery and polo pony management

Riverlands Polo provides a complete pony management service including assistance with purchasing and selling polo ponies and ongoing livery designed specifically for each pony and the owner's requirements.  

Pony Purchasing and Selling

In polo, the ponies account for a major portion of the game and so we recognise the paramount importance in finding the best ponies to suit each client. 

We source ponies from all over the country, and only recommend ponies be purchased from the very best breeders and owners. Usually we will have known the seller and often the actual pony over many years and therefore are well placed to judge the reliability of the seller and suitability of the actual pony. Naturally, people have different requirements and budgets when buying a pony and we will spend a lot of time identifying the pony required. Riverlands Polo also offers a vet check and microchip implanting service. 

Livery Service 

Riverlands Polo provides a complete livery service. This means that each pony will be exceptionally well looked after ensuring a happy pony and an overall improvement and enjoyment of polo. Our livery service includes the following:  

      Grooming & Management

  • Ensure ponies are ready when owners require 

  • Tacking/Un-tacking pony

  • Washing ponies after being ridden 

  • Continuously monitor for health and well-being

  • Rugging as required

  • Regular hair trimming

  • Regular tack cleaning

  • Farrier as required


  • Each pony is exercised daily specifically for requirements


  • Diet designed specifically for each pony and the owners requirements


  • During the off season ponies are kept at very secure, well grassed paddocks either in the Hawkesbury area or our fields at the Southern Highlands

  • Please note: ponies are also continously monitored for health and safety during the off-season

  • During playing days, ponies are kept in our yards ready for action. Following play, ponies are moved to the grassed turn-out paddocks to relax


  • In addition, we offer a 'schooling' service where either Luke or a suitability qualified rider will regularly tweak and school the pony to optimise performance. 

For more information please contact contact us.  


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