Riverlands Polo is situated in the magnificent, world class facilities of Windsor Polo Club.  

Our grooms provide round the clock care for all of our horses.  

As  part of our full livery service, we provide schooling of your horse to ensure optimum performance of your horse. 

Each horses' nutrition, exercise, grooming and management is tailored to their specific needs.



Riverlands Polo offers full and part-time livery services year round. 

Facilities include:


  • 6000 acre turnout 

  • Exercise Track

  • Horse grooming services

  • Horse schooling services

Riverlands Polo offers local transport for all ponies on the full livery service as well as twenty-four hour seven days a week vet care.

Price List


Riverlands Polo are dedicated to arranging a package to suit your budget and livery requirements.

Enquire below to find out more about what package we can put together for you.

$ POA - Full on and off season livery

$ POA - Full on season livery 

$ POA - Off season/grass livery