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Always Use Protection: A Guide To Safety Equipment

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

Here is a list of all the gear you should consider buying to keep you safe and sound

on the polo field. Some of these items are optional and some are non negotiable.

Let's get started.....


The polo helmet is it THE MOST important piece of safety equipment you can wear to protect your head from serious injury. It is non negotiable!

Each country has different safety specifications for the type of helmet you need to wear. It is important that you contact your local polo club or polo association to find out what the rules are in your country, because if you are not wearing the correct helmet you will not be allowed to play.

In Australia a 3 point harness is essential for play, and a certified helmet is also encouraged.

Casablanca, Armis, Edition, Instinct and Charles Owen are some of the brands that are popular on the field.

Chin straps:

Below on the left you will see the old style 2 point chin strap, which means it attaches to the 2 sides of the helmet. This is now banned in most countries as it has been deemed unsafe. On the right you will see a 3 point harness (chin strap) which is mandatory in Australia. It attaches to 3 parts of the helmet. The left, right and the back.

Helmet Styles:

Also pictured above are the 2 different styles of helmets. Argentine style seen on the left, and English/Lock style on the right. If you look closely there is a slight variation in the way the peak attaches. Both styles are seen on the field in Australia. Neither helmet is better than the other, it's just a personal preference thing.

A basic good quality helmet will cost around $450 and above. Some brands enable you to have your polo helmet custom made to what ever colour you want, with a fabric or leather finish. The possibilities are endless!!! If you head to the Casablanca and Armis websites, you could quite possibly spend hours using their "Bespoke helmet customising centre" as Casablanca calls it! Don't say I didn't warn you! Make sure you have a family member close by to drag you off there if you get out of control!!!