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Polo Drills For Two

We know it can get lonely out there stick and balling by yourself!

So we’ve put together some drills for two people....Grab a buddy and head out to the polo field to try these out!

Hit or Miss:

First player takes the ball down the field while the second player follows. If the first player misses, they will move behind and the second player will take over. Try this up and down the field a few times. Once you get the hang of it, try it at speed. This will help prepare you for the faster pace in tournaments.

If you both happen to be polo super stars and don't miss the ball very often... You can mix it up a little bit!

Try this....

Player 1 takes the ball down the field with player 2 following...When they reach the end, Player 1 will do a backhand and call out TAIL or OPEN. The second player will listen for the call so they know which direction the ball is going to go in. They will then gain possession and take it back down the field and repeat.

Battle For The Ball:

Player 1 starts off with the ball and hits it forward. Player 2 must attempt to gain possession of the ball while obeying the rules of polo. You can ride off, hook, & practice any shot to keep the ball away from your opponent. You can try and take the ball to your goal, or just go around the field trying to gain possession of the ball. Decide on the rules before you begin.