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Riverlands Introduction To Polo Clinic

When you sign up for a Riverlands Introduction to polo clinic you better be ready for one of the most fun and exciting days you'll ever have! (Nope this is not an exaggeration...That's exactly how I got started playing polo!) Whether it be to kick start playing a new sport/hobby, or just a fun day out trying something new with your mates...this is a great day for everyone.

I know exactly what you're thinking...

HOLY CRAP!!! I don't know if I can do this?

Im going to be hopeless!

That's a really fast and hard sport.

Everyone is going to laugh at me!!!!

Im not a very good rider.

Polo people are snobs!


Ok first of all, you're not going to be going THAT fast! We do everything at snail pace, until our students are ready to advance.

For those who are confident riders...Yes! You will definitely get to canter!

A lot of people who come to our intro to polo clinics have never even ridden a horse...So if you have, you've got a good head start.

If you have never ridden, don't worry! We will teach you. We often have clients that have never set foot on a horse, and have now gone on to play in tournaments and buy their own ponies.

On that note: WARNING!!!! POLO IS VERY ADDICTIVE!!! Once you start, you can't stop!

Thinking you're going to be really really bad at polo? Let me tell you something...It is highly likely that EVERYONE in the group is going to be pretty bad to start with...We've all been there!

FACT: Most people are actually so worried about what they look like, that they're too busy to look at what you're doing.

Oh and MOST polo players are very friendly and love helping new recruits advance in the sport. It's actually a great place to make new friends.

The Ponies...

I bet you're thinking... How the hell can someone who has never ridden try polo right?

Well, to start with... the first "pony" you jump on will be a wooden one!

Fear not! Our wooden ponies are very well behaved. To this day, they have not bolted on one single person...even in 2020!

Your second mount will be one of our highly trained polo ponies (one that actually has a heartbeat & moves).